Java House History
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The Java House has been in business since 1912 on the waterfront. Through the years the Java House has served long shore men, sailors, dock workers, military personal, yachtsmen and women, baseball greats including some current Giants and in the past the great Clipper Joe DiMaggio as well as other celebrities. The menu has remained the same within a few additions in recent years to meet with current clientele. The longshoreman's breakfast still remains the same as do the burgers, fries, hot dogs and the always welcoming staff.

Java House 2

During the '40s-'50s a Greek man owned the Java House but his name is not known to us. The next owners were Red and his brother, but an argument between the brothers caused Red to leave and open his own place down the street at Pier 28. Eventually Red's brother went to work at Pier 28 also. From approximately the mid '60s to mid '70s, the Bell brothers owned the Java House, eventually selling the business to Dave Guidi. Philip and Sotiria Papadopoulos took over the Java House on April 1st  1983 from Dave Guidi, and maintain ownership till present days.

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